EcoArt Ideas

Faerie Houses and Gnome Homes
Waxed paper and floss houses

Topiary Sculpture
Tree Houses
Stick and Yarn or Wire Creatures inspired by Alebrijes 

Recycled Paper Art   

Mail Art Collage Inspiration
Recycle Bin Cardboard Sculpture 

Textiles & Fashion

Inspiration! Jamie Okuma










  On paper too!

Monotypes using water soluble paints on plexi, wood or other smooth surface.

Mixed Media Botanical Rubbings

Jewelry Design

Inspiration! b.YELLOWTAIL
Paper Bead Jewelry (regular glue works just fine!)

Sand Mandala
Chalk Mandala

Fruit and Vegetable Art


Still Life Painting Inspiration:  Janet Fish , Wayne Theibaud 

Still Life Photography Take your own, print it, or draw it!

Dolls from Nature: Summer Hollyhock, Fall Applehead

  • I use pumpkin carving tools instead of sharp knives. 
  • No need to use lemon juice and salt. And I prefer red apples as I've found they are less likely to rot.
  • I put mine on bamboo skewers and place in front of a fan. Rotate each day. Decorate when quite dry and keep them in low humidity space and they'll last for years.

SUPER Recycling Shopping in RVA:

Some artists who use repurposed items and/or natural media: 

El Anatsui     ...and more at Art21.
Cydney Jasmin Coleby

Patrick Dougherty 

Hillary Waters Fayle

Gee's Bend Quilters    Gee's Bend Quilt Collective

Andy Goldsworthy
Cannupa Hanska Luger

Odires Mlázho

Sarah Ross-Thompson
Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival

Roxanne Swentzell 

Dana Warrington

Laurence Vallirères



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