Student Collaborations: Making Solar Light Lanterns and Clay Beads helps to Shine a Light

With inspiration form works by Olafur Eliasson, seven & eight year olds made art to help shine a light for students in Cameroon. Painted, sewn, printed & folded papers, along with pierced ceramic lanterns designed to fit a Little Sun solar lamp, & up-cycled coasters & bangles were sold at market with proceeds used to purchase over 150 solar lights for elementary school students in Cameroon. 3rd grade students also used the lights to create shadows on 3D objects as they drew detailed still lives.


In the winter of 2018, Virginia Diversity Network participants created over 300 clay beads to add to Cannupa Hanska Luger's MMIWQT Bead Project, which became Every One.

"...Every One (2018), which likewise began as an instructional video, this time for Luger's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Queer and Trans People (MMIWQT) Bead Project. The video invited communities across the United States and Canada to create and donate two-inch clay beads, which Luger fired, stained, and strung together to make a monumental curtain. Each handmade bead in Every One is a memorial to one of the four thousand cases of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls, queer and trans people in Canada, thereby humanizing the statistics of the lost members of the indigenous community and bringing awareness to a long history of violence." 
                                                                                                - Art & Object November2018


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